Limited, Non-Prorated, Non-Transferable

RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC (RWD, LLC) warrants to the original homeowner that the RWD Extender Trim will be free of manufacturing and or material defects. The warranty will remain in effect for the lifetime of the product under normal and proper use and service, subject to the conditions and limitations herein listed, and as long as the original resident purchaser resides in the home in which the product was installed. When installed in a multi-family, commercial or rental property the warranty is limited to 10 years.

RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC (RWD, LLC) warranty specifically covers only those manufacturing and material defects as specified herein and does not include defects or damages attributable to faulty, incomplete or improper installation which does not adhere to the published RWD Innovative Specialty Trims installation instructions. Normal weathering, defects caused by accident, fire, flood, chemicals, mildew, building settlement, structural failures of wall or foundation, or stress resulting from localized heat will not be covered under this warranty.

Vinyl / Adhesive, the vinyl and adhesive components of the RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC are warranted against defects such as peeling, flaking, chipping, degrading, blistering and corrosion. RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC will not warranty its product if the finish surface has been painted, stained, or cleaned with any product other than what is recommended in the published RWD LLC installation instructions. RWD LLC limits the shelf life on its products that include adhesive to 3-years from date of purchase. This is due to the unknown conditions that may exist in storing the RWD Trim over a period of time. The protection and exposure of the adhesive and liner play a crucial role in its longevity. RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC will not warranty its product if stored in area of excessive heat with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees.

Customer responsibility, the customer must promptly notify RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC in writing of any manufacturing defect. The window installing company will also be required to submit a sample of the defective trim along with a detailed explanation of the installation, including the date, installing company’s name and telephone number, homeowner’s name, address and telephone number. Upon receiving this information, a complete analysis and investigation of the claim will be promptly completed.

RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC responsibility, upon the discovery of a manufacturing defect, RWD LLC will supply replacement material at no charge to the customer. This warranty will not cover any labor costs incurred for replacing the trim.

Warranty Considerations, all window and door installations require caulking to be used to seal and permanently bond the extender trim. Caulking is required by the installer and considered as a normal maintenance responsibility of the homeowner. RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC will not be responsible for any trim failure due to improper caulking and sealing of window or door, or from the absence of caulking.

RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC adheres to the AAMA guidelines and its specifications in the design and production of its PVC trims. RWD Innovative Specialty Trims, LLC also uses the AAMA definitions of failure as its determination of product failure. The warranty statements contained herein set forth the only express warranties extended by RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC for their products. The provisions herein shall constitute the purchaser’s exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty. RWD Innovative Specialty Trims, LLC shall not be liable to property owner for incidental or consequential damages for breach of any written or implied warranty on RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC (RWD LLC) products.