About Us

At RWD Innovative Specialty Trims LLC we pride ourselves on our many years of experience and knowledge of this industry, friendly customer service, and quick delivery.

Company founder Ken Rivest was a master installer with over 20 years experience in the window and door replacement industry.

Mr. Rivest designed the patented trim product from concept to completion by first envisioning a product that would aid him in his own window replacement business. This product idea has now lead to the manufacturing and distribution of his products throughout the United States and abroad

Unites States Patent

RWD founder Ken R Rivest knows first hand the complexities in obtaining a patent. But determination and commitment lead to the United States Patent and Trademark office issuing 2 patents for his innovative trim products. Ken states that some other competitors try to copy us and sell illegally but one thing is for sure, if your product says RWD on it you can be proud to say your company sets high moral standards and honest business practices.


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